sistema de preparación de muestras automático / de tejidos / para deshidratación / de pie



  • Aplicaciones:

    de tejidos

  • Tipo de funcionamiento:


  • Tipo de preparación:

    para deshidratación

  • Configuración:

    de pie

  • Formato de preparación:

    de casetes

  • Otras características:

    con pantalla táctil, al vacío


Histo-Pro 300 Vacuum Tissue Processor

Histo-Pro 300 set a new standard in vacuum tissue processing.
His unique reagent monitoring and management delivers significant reagent cost savings.
Superior process control, functional design, and precise temperature control ensure optimum specimen quality.
An active extraction process ensures efficient paraffin cleaning, which extends paraffin life, improves tissue quality, and reduces operating costs.
User safety is enhanced by a fully enclosed fume system and by the improved reagent bottle and cabinet design to prevents the risk of contact and reagent carry-over.