Mesa de operaciones universal Famed OPTIMA (5.15) (5.20)
electrohidráulicabariátricade altura variable

mesa de operaciones universal
mesa de operaciones universal
mesa de operaciones universal
mesa de operaciones universal
mesa de operaciones universal
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Tipo de paciente
de altura variable, basculante, Trendelenburg, Trendelenburg invertida


Famed OPTIMA is a brand new table from Famed Żywiec. Control the table from the remote control with ease, lock it in place effortlessly, quickly exchange the segments to suit your current case or use a full potential of 460 kg of a maximum load. A variety of accessories dedicated to the OPTIMA allows it to be used in neurosurgery, orthopedic, cardiothoracic, ENT, MIS, bariatrics, gynecology or general surgery. The minimum height of the table top is 550 mm (Famed OPTIMA SU-05.20 model) MADE OF PREMIUM MATERIALS OPTIMA uses InteliProtect™ technology in stainless steel elements and premium carbon fiber in all the column and base covers. We use the best stainless steel on the market, the AISI 316L. Famed Żywiec is the first and only company that went for so high-end material in operating tables. MEDICAL IMAGING A motorized longitudinal shift will allow you to position the tabletop in correspondence with your needs. Adapting a correct carbon fiber tabletop extension can make the table capable of performing even most complicated surgeries with 360° imaging. Fully translucent carbon fiber tabletop has a great MAE parameter of 0,25 mm Al, so the image quality is perfect with as low dose for the patient and for the staff as possible. AFFORDABLE SPECIALIZED ACCESSORIES The tabletop can be disassembled and featured with specialized accessories to match specific interventions. Choose one of several different carbon fiber segments, specialized headrests, translucent neurological attachments, rectal positioners, gel positioners, orthopedic devices or gynecology stirrups.


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