Mesa de operaciones universal Famed OPTIMA (5.9, 5.12)
electrohidráulicade altura variablecon ruedas

mesa de operaciones universal
mesa de operaciones universal
mesa de operaciones universal
mesa de operaciones universal
mesa de operaciones universal
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de altura variable, con ruedas, Trendelenburg, Trendelenburg invertida, radiotransparente
con control remoto
Número de secciones
de 5 secciones, de 4 secciones
Otras características
de acero inoxidable
Carga máxima

Máx.: 350 kg (771,62 lb)


Mín.: 2.060 cm (811 in)

Máx.: 2.160 cm (850,4 in)


Máx.: 550 cm (216,5 in)


Mín.: 680 cm (268 in)

Máx.: 1.080 cm (425 in)

Inclinación del respaldo

Mín.: -40 °

Máx.: 80 °

Inclinación de los reposapiernas

Mín.: -90 °

Máx.: 25 °

Inclinación de la mesa

30 °

Peso de la mesa de operaciones

250 kg (551,2 lb)


It combines a multitude of available positions with a high maximum load and a very good parameter of the tabletop translucency or longitudinal shift. The electric control makes operation easier and reduces the time of the procedure. UNIVERSAL AND CONFIGURABLE • Four types of tabletop (four-, five- and six-segment, optionally also a dediated orthopedic tabletop); • Movable base with central locking system in two types to choose from: SU-5.9 with “T” shape base (feet lock) or SU-5.12 with “H” shape base (Supermobil, large wheels for easy maneuvering); • Certified, fully translucent tabletop – perfect combination for the possibility of working with the C-arm; • Removable antistatic mattresses made of polyurethane foam; • Possibility of changing the headrest with footrests and changing the characteristics of the table. COMFORTABLE ELECTRICAL REGULATIONS • Height adjustment of the tabletop, side tilts, Trendelenburg and reverse- Trendelenburg positions, leveling the tabletop, kidney bench elevation and the inclination of the back rest are operated from the remote control by electrohydraulic drives; • Longitudinal shift controlled by an electromechanical drive; • Only the headrest and footrests are adjusted manually; MANY CONTROL OPTIONS • Supplied in standard with a wired bbSafe™ remote control with a large 2.8-inch IPS screen, • Optionally, the control over table can be performed using a wireless rCover™ remote; • For the convenience of personnel, the column can be fitted with the quickly dismountable pDetach™ control panel; • We also can use the AlterSafe™ alternative drive, which allows manual control of all electrohydraulic functions of the table.
* Los precios no incluyen impuestos, gastos de entrega ni derechos de exportación. Tampoco incluyen gastos de instalación o de puesta en marcha. Los precios se dan a título indicativo y pueden cambiar en función del país, del coste de las materias primas y de los tipos de cambio.